How it works

NOAN is the AI business-builder. Build, manage and deploy your company strategy with Smart Blocks.
Two powerful modes
Easily create, edit and save your business strategy, one part at a time, using NOAN’s Smart Blocks.
Need a new type of strategy?

Use NOAN to build the blocks you need

Need help refining areas of your business strategy?

Collaborate with AI to assess and refine your approach

Need others to help?

Add a team member and work together

So what are Smart Blocks™?
NOAN’s interconnected Smart Blocks™ are like the brain cells of your business knowledge. The more knowledge you build in NOAN’s Smart Blocks™, the richer your strategy and content.
Animated SVG
Use AI to automatically generate Smart Block™ strategy
Edit, update, save & deploy your Smart Block™ strategy at any time
Assign team members ownership of individual pieces of Smart Block content
Learn from guides and world-class case studies embedded in each Smart Block™
Compare your strategy against the world’s top companies in your category
Be alerted to changes to Smart Blocks and strategy that impacts each business area

Set your team up for success with NOAN’s role-based team settings

Using NOAN teams, you can control who can edit a Smart Block, or use Create mode, keeping your team aligned and productive.
RoleOrg OwnerAdminEditorCreator
Newsletter Author
Hiring Manager
Community Engagement Director
VP of New Business
New Hire

Access benefits to help you build

NOAN members can access benefits from our partners to help them scale
Savings on the all-in-one website platform for entrepreneurs to stand out and succeed online.
Access Ad Credits to help you reach the right customers and grow your business
Google Ads
Save thousands on the leading channel-based messaging platform used by millions

The people behind NOAN

Our team has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies. We’re on a mission to enable every business to grow like a Fortune 500 company. We built NOAN to provide businesses with the same level of expertise but at a fraction of the cost.

Neal Mann


Experienced product and strategy leader for global companies and agencies

Markham Nolan


Seasoned digital operations leader for global media organizations.

Filipe Dobreira


Tech leader, former Impraise co-founder & CTO, alumnus of Y-Combinator

Marie-Hélène Mai


Deeply experienced engineer, making NOAN work seamlessly from front to back

Anna Langeveld


First point of contact for NOAN's growing suite of top-tier global partners

Jack Coulson

Customer Success

At the coalface of how NOAN interacts with and delights its users & prospects

Stephen Clements


A global leader in creative design and marketing, an investor & advisor to NOAN

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